anya / dame


apa / sire


HJCH Nyitramenti Follow The Fashion

EUJCH, LUXJCH, HCH, INT.CH Nyitramenti Barrister
EUJCH, LUXJCH, HCH Nyitramenti Barrister CH Quincey Jones Of Slatestone Pelido Kings Councel
Badencourt Day Dream
HCH Nyitramenti Olimpian Super Star HCH Knight-Rambler Of Beinn Mhor
HJCH Nyitramenti Follow The Fashion HCH Nyitramenti Robin Hood Dolen Double Brandy At Brilyn
HCH Claredawn Stars In Her Eyes
CH Delbar Simply Special CH Lanteague Harvest Moon At Silvermoor
Delbar Girl Friday


6 sable-white: 1 szuka/female 5 kan/ males

Rineweld Niana
Rineweld Nilix Mr Naturaly
Rineweld Nelson Admiral
Rineweld Nobody Name
Rineweld Nothing About Me
Rineweld Nobeless Style