The story of the Kennel


All it began 15 years ago with Lord, the collie "ambassador", who represented the excellence both in beauty and in temperament. (he made working trial) I decided then, that I need such a collie, who is bright in outlook and in mind as well!
At that time I didn't think, that we will visit 17 countries: from Estonia to England, from Dania to Spain, and every trip was for collies! We traveled by car for days just for a show, or for mating.

We began to visit shows in 1993 and we had our first litter in 1995. After this a quick and unique career began…
Within ten years our collies gained 8 YOUTH CHAMPION and 3 national CHAMPION titles in 3 different countries, 6 HUNGARIAN CHAMPIONs and 2 INTER CHAMPIONs bred by us.

We set up a unique record: in three years running, 2000, 2001, 2002 we won the Hungarian Club Winner title, with three blue-merle bitches Vibo, Sheena and Shanzah. In addition in 2000 and 2002 we had the BOB as well, and in 2002 the BEST IN SHOW!!

Our pride: our collies made well in the Best in Show rings as well.
In three different countries (Hungary, Slovenia, Russia) on three special shows, and on two all-breed shows:

Our other pride: our results from European and World Dog shows
"Shanza"World Winner twice (in Porto:World Youth CH 2001, in Dortmund: World CH 2003!)
in Barcelona she was resCACIB in this way VICE EUROPEAN CH 2004! " Vibo" won in Poznan on European Dog Show resCACIB so was she VICE EUROPEAN CH 2000!

Two of our collies were successful on herding instinct test, "Vibo" and "Romeo" and in addition they participated in herding competition as well!

In spite of all these results I think, the biggest appreciation was, that two Rineweld collies represent us in two traditional kennels. One of them is in STEADWYN kennel, at Anja Ejerstadt breeding collies for 30 years, other one at CAMBIANO kennel owned by Maria Tetresa Garabelli, breeding collies for more than 50 years!

I think of this wonderful 10 years including difficulties and pleasures as a gifted person.

Lissai Erika march 2005.


My name is Erika Lissai, I live in Hungary in Central Europe.  I work for a multinational company, where I am also a shareholder. My hobby is dog breeding and dog shows. Whenever my job makes it possible we take long hiking trips with my dogs (in my family, there is no holiday without the dogs).

I saw the first collie, when I was a student. His beauty and dignified appearance fascinated me. Later as I got to know him more and more, his intelligence also captivated me. Lord was a K/II category working dog.
- I need a dog like him - I said.
I visited a lot of kennels and finally, after 4 years, in 1993 Redy (HCH Nyitramenti Robin Hood) arrived. We tasted the success of the shows together and I started to breedwith him.  Redy, besides being a successful show dog, proved to be a fantastic breeding stud. His four champion offsprings live in Hungary, and three other live abroad. Nevertheless, he is a gentle, good- tempered, bright companion.

I founded the Rineweld Collie Kennel in 1995. My first bitch, despite her good pedigree was not a very good choice (Sable Dream Brilliant ' Selly'). But she was followed by two excellent breeding bitches:

-Silver Dream Blue Priscilla Presley 'Eyla'
-Kõakói Eszmeralda 'Dzsini'

Although 90 percent of my puppies were sold as hobby or family pets, a few owner tried to participate in dog shows.
On these occasions outstanding results came to sight!
Mainly because only eight dogs from five different litters achieved the following results :

-5 Junior Champion  
-1 Derby Winner  
-1 Junior Best In Show  
-1 Res Junior Best In Show  
-Youth World Champion Portó World Dog Show
-5 Hungária Champion  
-1 Grand Champion  
-1 Vice European Champion Poznan Euro Dog Show
-1 International Champion  
-1 Best In Show  
-4 Club Winner  

There is only one club show held in Hungary for english sheepdogs:

In 2000:

Best Dog Club Winner : CW,BOB HJCH HCH CW Rineweld Egyptian Sun
Best Bitch Club Winner: CW IntCH HCH CW HJCH Rineweld G. Dance Of THe Moonlight
Best Blue-Merle Collie 2000  
Kerihuel (Fr)

In 2001:

Clubb Winner Best Bitch :CW HCH CW Rineweld Claudia Silver Lady

Best Blue.Merle Collie 2001

Breeding Group Winner : Blue Rineweld collies

HJCH WJCH Rineweld Awantgard At Shewenna
Peter Marsch (GB)

in 2002.

Club Winner Best Bitch HJCH WJCH Rineweld Awantgard At Shewenna CW ,BOB, BIS
Best Blue-Merle Collie 2001 HJCH WJCH Rineweld Awantgard At Shewenna
Ruth Wagner (Luxemburg)

With my Blue-Merle collies I won three Breeding Group titles,in one international, one hungarian and one club show. The dogs, which achieved these results are: 'Sheena', 'Robin', 'Abbé', 'Vibó', 'Rómeó', 'Kowu' and 'Sarah'.

My old dream, to successfully combine show qualities and working capabilities  also seems to come true. My three dogs ('Vibó', 'Rómeó', and 'Merilin') on the herding instinct trials also proved their abilities.

One of our greatest pride is that Merilin's daughter - Rineweld Our First Love - became a member of the famous Steadwin breeder kennel of Anja Ejerstadt.

But I can not forget about all the other pets, which are happy family dogs and never participate in dog shows.
I fell in love with collies for the rest of my life.These dogs are  not only beautiful, but also intelligent and adaptable, and very easy to live with them!

I try to choose  breading couples to secure and improve beauty and good character.
I try to breed show dogs whose movement and appearance shows  elegance, and free from all type of exertion and exaggeration!

All the success and joy, which I received from my dogs, I thank to God from whom I received this gift.
Erika Lissai 2003



2003 Dortmund World Dog Show

WJCH, WCH, HCH, HJCH, CW Rineweld Awantgade at Sheewenna "Shanza"


2004 Euro Dog Show Barcelona
"Vice Európean Champion"
Shanza: Res CACIB


5 X Breeding Group Winner my kennel in Blue-merle color.
4x Reseve breeding Group Winner

Rineweld Show collies in other Country:

Maria Teresa Garabelli: Cambiano collies........ Italy

'Shadow' : in BARCELONA EURO Dog show: Best collie Puppy!

Youth CH RINEWELD OPTIMUS........... Olga Maulina.... Russia

Youth CH RINEWELD PEDSONALITY Svetlana Tshipizina .Russia

Youth CH RINEWELD KINDLY KISS Brigitta Kremser......... Szlovenia
'Kiss' is :Junior Best in Show in special show!

Res.CC. RINEWELD OUR FIRST LOVE tulajdonosa: Anja Ejerstadt ........Swedish


2000,2001,2002 Best Blue-merle collies in Humgary!

Club star kennel 1999-2004.